The newest location for Denver's favorite, Little Man Ice Cream, features a replica of the Constellation airplane wing with a small and efficient ice cream shop underneath.

The design of the Constellation Ice Cream shop was certainly an architectural challenge. From the simple concept of putting a glass kiosk under a replica wing, to positioning a 70 foot wing on a tight site, this project pushes the boundaries of what is possible creating a truly innovative from which we hope will have a lasting impression on the Stapleton Community. The project draws on the roadside architecture movement seen in places like Las Vegas, Cadillac Ranch or Coney Island. In this case, the Constellation brings a celebration of aeronautics history of the Stapleton Airport to the present. The goal is to turn heads and create an experience of getting ice cream like no other, while reminding us of the cultural history of this piece of land.

Contellation_Final -KCA.png